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This will be a new favorite cookie shared by all. Cookies and Cream Cookies. My favorite flavor of ice cream is ‘Cookies And Cream’ and when I found this recipe, immediately my mouth began to salivate.
Funny story behind this recipe. I stumbled upon it last week and bookmarked the blog it came from figuring I’d give it a try and blog about my experience. Well, last week I updated my internet browser and in doing so, all my bookmarks were lost! It’s like losing your cell phone when you rely on it for your phone book. Same thing with my bookmarks, I rely on them to get me back on the pages I’ve ‘Doggy-eared’ over time. Mind you, I found this website before I began using Pinterest, otherwise I could have looked there too. Anyways, after 2 hours of searching today, I found it again! Thank Goodness! It’s from Picky-Palate There are some really great desserts AND dinner suggestions for all ages! Check it out.

Here’s my experience with Cookies and Cream Cookies:

I decided, going into this recipe, I’d start off with a different work flow than I’m used to. Instead of getting my ingredients when the recipe calls for them, I decided to collect all the ingredients beforehand which was a great way to double check that I had all the items necessary- not to mention, it made for a great photo op too! As you can, see it calls for basic ingredients. As for the Oreos, I bought both the regular and double-stuffed and contemplated which ones to use since her recipe didn’t specify. I ended up going with the regular ones. After preheating the oven to 350, I prepped my 15 Oreos. In order to grind the Oreos into fine pieces, I used a blender and it worked splendidly! Now I was ready to combine the ingredients.

I began by creaming the butter alone for about 30 seconds. I then added the sugar and packed brown sugar. I made sure that it was mixed well before adding the eggs and vanilla.

Since my legendary chocolate chip cookies (I’ll share with you one day) call for adding one egg at a time, beating well after each addition- I applied this strategy to this recipe as well. Then, I double-triple checked that I was reading the recipe right and added 1 TABLESPOON of pure vanilla extract. That is ALOT of vanilla for a cookie recipe. If you don’t know already, pure vanilla extract is extremely pricey, but if I can offer a suggestion: always spend the extra money for the pure rather than settling for the imitation vanilla. It really makes a difference in the flavor of your cookies or any recipe for that matter.

After adding all the wet ingredients, I went ahead and added the flour, baking soda, and Kosher salt. Once well blended, I turned off my standing mixer and mixed in the cocoa by hand since it’s in the form of an incredibly fine powder (more so than flour) and is very messy with an electric mixer (learned from past experience). Once I had the majority of it mixed, I locked the dough back into the standing mixer and let it really get a good mixing before adding the last two ingredients of finely-crushed Oreos and semi-sweet chocolate chips. Now it was baking time.

I don’t know about you but whenever I bake cookies I ALWAYS have to try the cookie dough- it’s a must! I have to agree with Picky-Palate in that this dough is indeed, an awesome one! Anyways, since the recipe called to line the cookie sheets with Parchment Paper, I did. I don’t normally do this since I used air-bake pans and lifting cookies off these sheets has never been an issue. But I have to admit, I may start using Parchment Paper more often than not because it made for a very easy clean up. Then again, it can also be very wasteful. I fit 12 cookies (3×4) to a sheet with about 1 inch in between each. This dough was dense so I knew they didn’t need as much space as the White Chocolate Macadamia Nut Cookies I made last week.

I don’t normally bake with cocoa very often because in the past, it’s always been a hassle due to it’s fine powder substance- it’s so messy! But since I hand-mixed the cocoa in this time, it was way more tolerable. My best experience yet. What I’m getting at is the fact that chocolate cookies are harder to spot when ready to come out of the oven. You can’t see browning around the edges, well- because chocolate is already brown.

Random Quote from “Wedding Planner”:

Steve: Why are you only eating the brown ones?
Mary: Because someone once said they have less artificial coloring because chocolate’s already brown. And it kind of stayed with me.

Anyways, my first batch I took out at 10 minutes. But I knew about 3 minutes after I let them cool, when transferring them to the cooling rack, that they weren’t in there long enough. They’re a bit chewier than the rest of the batch but still delicious. I extended the baking time to about 13-14 minutes and each batch following was a success.

The cookie photographed above was from the second batch baked for 14 minutes. Notice the distinct crackle-effect; this is how I knew they were baked long enough. I’ve noted this characteristic for the next time I bake chocolate cookies I won’t have to guesstimate.

After letting the cookies cool, I figured a little sprinkle of powder sugar would be a nice way to give these beauties a finishing touch. And Voila – Cookies and Cream Cookies!

Let me end by mentioning how tough of a critic Mom is. She’s been baking her entire life so it’s rare that I make something that reaches her list of favorites. But tonight, I did it. She was impressed and said this cookie was one of her new favorites. The biggest compliment I could receive. Thanks Mom! Try them yourself and let me know how they turn out and what your guests or family thought of them. Enjoy!
Find the recipe here and don’t lose it like I did! Bakery Style Cookies and Cream Cookies

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